Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100 days to the 100

The trouble with the countdown to the London 2012 Olympics is that it’s a constant reminder of how many days I’ve got left until I’ll be running the 100-mile ‘Ultra Tour of the Lake District’. Today it’s 100 days to the Olympic opening ceremony, which means that I’ve got 100 days left to catch up on training, stock up on calories – and try to rope in some sponsors to make attempting to run those 100 miles worthwhile.
Which is why I decided it's about time I did something about it.
I signed up to the Lakeland 100 in a moment of madness last year. Since then it's become part of a ‘2012 in 2012’ Olympic-year challenge that will see me run 2012 miles in various events in support of three charities and in memory of my dad, who died last year. The 100 will be by far the toughest individual event. It’s certainly well outside my comfort zone, so I hope you’ll think of me when those opening ceremony fireworks go off – and consider sponsoring me with a donation to one or more of these charities:
Whizz-Kidz, a disabled children’s charity for which my dad climbed Kilimanjaro ten years ago at the age of 73;  
Teach Africa, which supports the education of girls in some of Nairobi’s worst slums; and  
Freedom from Torture, which works with the survivors of torture and their families.
You can donate online by clicking the link for the charity of your choice.
This is by way of an opening blog. Yes I know it's mid-April, so I'm late starting it. But I was late starting the 2012 miles too. In January I did just one 10k event and by the end of March I was still only up to 196 miles (training doesn't count). I've got some catching up to do. Can I do it?


  1. I think you will do it because you set out to do it .... and I don't remember you failing at anything you were determined to do :-)

  2. You could always walk the 100 miles in the Lake District in Wainwright style with a flat cap and pipe - now that's my sort of speed!

  3. Kim - I'm flattered by your confidence in me, thanks. Sometimes things are outside our control but when determination is sufficient, I'll certainly not give up easily!

    Pete - I'm sure Wainwright would have disapproved of such antics, with or without the flat cap and pipe. But now you mention it, a nice pipe and a pint at the end would go down a treat ...