Friday, July 20, 2012

Doctor, dentist, x-ray, run

Doctor’s Tuesday, x-ray Thursday, dentist’s at 9.55 and Serpentine 5k at 12.30. Of course there’s no question of me not starting the Lakeland 100 next Friday but I’ll have a better idea of my chances of finishing it – and my likely condition if I do – when I get the results from those four appointments.

The dentist should be straightforward, the Serpie 5k will be slow and the doctor has already told me to ‘follow my nose’ as he can’t really advise me on ‘extreme sports’. Which leaves the x-ray.

I know from my past that I’ve got spinal problems. A sports physio told me years ago that I had mild scoliosis, or curvature, of the spine. The doctor tells me that he can feel bony lesions in my neck. Osteo-arthritis, no doubt. But how severe and is there an underlying injury as well?

We’ll see what the x-ray says. In the meantime, I’ve been piling on the pounds (four in a fortnight) as a result of easing off the mileage. I just can’t get the hang of how to rest without rewarding my dopamine receptors with something or other.

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