Sunday, August 5, 2012

Moving again

I've been meaning to write up a proper report of the Lakeland 100 but what with recovering, catching up on work, going for my medal presentation and being totally taken up with these extraordinary Olympics (when did I develop an interest in rowing, for goodness sake?) I just haven't found the time. I did my first couple of post-100 runs this weekend, though, so I'm back chasing the 2012 in 2012 target and I thought I should mention them here.

The first was a slow, painful parkrun: 5k in a little under 26 minutes. And then, this morning, a 10k in London's Regent's Park, that was a good 20 minutes slower than Mo Farah's gold medal effort last night. I'm moving again, though, and my left foot and neck are holding up, and that's what matters.

Coincidentally I reached the halfway mark on the 2012 miles at the halfway stage (in terms of time) on the Lakeland 100. I've now done 1,055 miles in events this year. Next weekend is something called the Herts Stroller. I'm hoping it lives up to its name.

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