Sunday, November 4, 2012

Running anyway in New York

I've just finished the unofficial RunAnyway New York Marathon 2012. Four and a half times round Central Park on the route of the original New York marathon before it outgrew its birthplace, this was organised through social media in less than 36 hours after the official marathon was cancelled in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. A good few thousand people took part, with everyone doing what they could to help out by bringing along drinks and other supplies to share. A collection was organised for the hurricane relief operation and many locals turned out to give their support.

All in all, it was a heartwarming experience, not least for all the charity runners who turned out, determined to complete their 26.2-mile challenge so that they could go home to the people who'd supported them and say 'I did it!' With no prize money, no big commercial sponsors and no profits to be  made, it felt good to get closer to the original spirit of marathon running - even if it took the destruction and human cost of a hurricane to force it upon us.

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