Sunday, December 2, 2012

5k a day insurance policy

Here I am feeling worn out and weary, slowing down with every event and wondering where I'll find the energy to finish the 2012 in 2012. Solution? Sign up for another challenge - something called the Marcothon, which involves running every day in December for a minimum of three miles or 25 minutes.

The first two days involved no more than I'd have been doing anyway: a 5k parkrun on Saturday and Mornington Chasers winter grand prix 10k on Sunday. Along with Friday's Serpentine RC 5k in Hyde Park, these have taken me to 1,870 miles in total, so 142 still to do. Since I make the rules for my challenge, I've decided that the Marcothon can count as an event - but only if I complete it. Which means that I've still got some very big hurdles to jump in the coming week, starting with an ultra on Saturday, a 10-miler on Sunday and three marathons in the following six days. I'm treating the Marcothon as an insurance policy in case anything goes wrong with any of these.

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